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SUCCESS! LIVE WEBINAR: Emerging role of Mirante

We are thankful to the moderator and panelist for sharing their insightful presentation. We would also like to thank the audience for making the event a great success! For those who had missed the live webinar, please stay tuned to the Nidek Experience Center (https://www.nidekexperiencecenter.com/) for the playback video and the next upcoming live webinars.

Nidek Experience Center

NIDEK Experience Center | Retina Months 2

Nidek Experience Center From now till 30th April 2023, Nidek is promoting the 2nd Retina Months at the NIDEK Experience Center. Visit the site at https://www.nidekexperiencecenter.com. We have live webinars, videos, published articles, image galleries, technical information and testimonials on the Mirante and MP-3.